Flexi AC Range

Short Term Rental


Narrow Aisle’s unique Flexi AC Articulated Range

Our pionnering Front Wheel Drive articulated truck allows customers to operate in a very narrow aisle storage system, typically 1.6M, 1.8M or 2.0M aisleways, the design is basically a counterbalance truck that articulates behind the front axle, and has a tilting mast and sideshift to unload road vehicles in the yard. This functionality can be obtained for 30% less than the cost of a guided VNA Man up Combi truck and only 20% more than a quality reach truck.

Every Flexi AC Truck is built on a common chassis design and lift mast platform and many common components within the range making the Flexi range easy to support with spare parts. Flexi are able to provide all the articulated truck solutions any customer would require.

Hire Services

If your company or organisation only requires a Flexi fork truck for a short term, then please give us a call. Flexi Short Term Rentals will work with each client’s specific requirements. If your need is occasional or for a defined period to meet seasonal demand, Flexi Short Term Rentals have a short term rental fleet of over 300 units. Supported by 25 dedicated mobile service engineers all with vans stocked exclusively with Flexi spares.

Flexi Short Term Rentals is an accredited member of the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA). We provide high quality forklift truck hire, services, repair & used sales throughout the UK.

Whether you operate in an industry with seasonal peaks or are looking to manage your capital expenditure, we can offer a Flexi Articulated Truck hire or rental package to your specific needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales team can advise you on the best choice of truck for your operation.

To find out more call our Hire Team on:

Tel: +44 (0) 121 5215 132 or
Email us on enquiries@flexihiretrucks.com

Flexi Training Ltd can provide you with on the job and off site training for your Flexi operator to ensure safe operation and productivity.
Our Instructors are all certified and Factory trained on Flexi operation. Our driver trainers can offer you Flexi conversion training to coincide with your Flexi hire truck delivery.
You can also take advantage of our off site Training School facility where we provide you with a Flexi forklift and rack installation for operator training prior to your operation going live to minimise the disruption in your operation.

Please call our training team on:

Tel: +44 (0)121 557 3674 or
Email us on enquiries@flexi-training.co.uk

Truck Models Available

Contact our Hire team
Full range of Flexi G4 trucks available for rental

  • Lift heights from 3M to 13M
  • Aislewidths from from 1.6M to 2.3M
  • Electric or LP Gas
  • -30° Cold Store Specification
  • Spare Batteries for multi shift use

Short Term Rental

  • 1 week to 12 months hire period
  • Often available within 24 hours
  • Full LOLER inspected equipment
  • Includes servicing, parts and labour, tyres, batteries and chargers
  • Operator Conversion Training Available from Flexi Training Limited
  • All Flexi AC Range models available for rental

Advantages of Short-term Rental

  • Variable term with no long term liability
  • Variable price depending on usage and term of rental
  • Includes service and repairs for all components
  • Off balance sheet treatment
  • Rentals are a business expense allowable for tax
  • Ownership remains with Narrow Aisle Ltd